How to Protect Your Glass Doors and Windows from Harsh Elements

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When choosing the glass to use on your property, there are many factors to consider. In addition to cost, some frequently consider state-based laws, the geography of the area where the home will be constructed, local weather patterns, and other factors. Everyone is interested in using a strong type of glass as an additional layer of protection; that much is certain.

Harsh weather conditions can greatly impact your structure, whether it’s raining, windy, or sunny. In addition to UV radiation that penetrates glass panels and harms interior goods, strong winds, rain, and hail can also break the glass.  Therefore, taking the appropriate precautions to shield your glass windows and doors from inclement weather is crucial. You can start by reading our guide on protecting your glass from the weather.

Security Film

Your windows can be easily and affordably protected against weather damage with security window film. These films are put into your glass’s interior and constructed of a flexible Myler coating. They aid in making glass more resistant to greater forces and keep it from dangerously splintering. Security films are good at blocking dangerous UV rays and can be tinted, mirrored, or coloured.

Safety Glass

Buying safety glass for your windows and doors is a fantastic method to protect your home from weather-related harm. High-impact forces and extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, powerful storms, and changing temperatures, can be handled by safety glass. Additionally, they are frequently efficient at blocking UV rays, shielding your home’s interior from sun damage, and improving your home’s energy efficiency by keeping the heat out. Safety glass comes in a variety of forms, such as laminated and tempered glass. Additionally, laminated glass is changing the way we design shopfronts today.

Storm Shutters

A type of security shutter attached to the outside of a window is called a storm shutter. They effectively shield the window from the sun, rain, hail, and strong winds. Because they can be folded or rolled away, storm shutters are a popular option for homeowners who still want to enjoy their view. Additionally, they are less expensive than replacing your glass with safety glass. Look for shutters made of reinforced fabric and foam covered in aluminium.

Storm Windows and Doors

Storm windows and doors entail adding a window or door panel on top of the current one. They reinforce windows without changing the current glass to offer protection from adverse weather. They are a good option if you’re looking for a less expensive way than security film to stop weather damage.

Give Quick Fit Glass a call if you wish to take precautions against weather damage. We can help if glass breaks due to weather and advise you on the best safety glass solutions for your building. Call us at (03) 8368 2220 today. The Australian Glass & Glazing Association fully qualifies our tradesmen. You can expect qualified, registered, and accredited tradesmen to provide fast, quality repairs at competitive prices by making us your preferred choice.

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