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6 Advantages of Considering Maintenance Contract for Your Commercial Glass

29 June 2022

Glass maintenance may not be something you are thinking of with so many things to take care of with your commercial space. This is why glass maintenance service is highly recommended. There are companieslike Quick Fit Glass with highly trained glass professionals who can provide glass maintenance and repairs. As […]

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Important Considerations When Ordering Mirrors for Commercial Use

10 June 2022

With the countless mirror options available in the market nowadays,complementing the overall interior design of your commercial space becomes easier. But before diving into ordering mirrors for commercial use, here are the important considerations that you need to keep in mind to help you choose the ideal mirrors for your […]

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Understanding Acid Etched Glass and Its Common Applications

30 May 2022

Glass is widely used in various industries and incorporated into interior designs. In recent years, many glass manufacturers have ventured into making etching glass, a type of glass variant which refers to asheet of float glass that uses either liquid hydrofluoric acid or hydrofluoric acid gaswhich transforms into a smooth […]

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Important Facts You Need to Know about Toughened Safety Glass

12 May 2022

Glass is widely used in various buildings and establishments and is often incorporated in interior design. They are considered fragile and breakable for a long time but thanks to science and modern technology, glass making has never been the same. Glass manufacturers can now make toughened glass, a type of […]

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Advantages of Adding Commercial Glass Doors in Offices

27 April 2022

Glass doors in the office have many uses now that there are manufacturing methods to make them modern and frameless. Offices use glass doors in everything from the cubicle to the bathroom divisions. Depending on the design, glass doors and glass partitions can take many shapes in business decor and […]

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