How Laminated Safety Glass is Changing the Way We Design Shopfronts

Security and safety concerns resulting from burglary may have caused you to constantly worry about your commercial establishment. Thus, you need to find a type of safety glass for your shopfront that can ensure safety and security. And this is when laminated safety glass comes in. Laminated safety glass is typically made from two sheets of annealed glass applied to either side of a durable film that seals the two sheets together. That when the laminated safety glass breaks, the film will strongly hold the two sides together for the pane to remain as one piece. Which makes laminated safety glass a suitable choice for shopfronts.

Allows Sound Reduction

Laminated safety glass is a good option for soundproofing. Thus, laminated safety glass is not only installed in shopfronts to create the perfect design that effectively allows people to see into the store and the merchandise display behind the glass, but it also provides additional sound insulation. Opting for laminated safety glass for your shopfront allows sound reduction due to its thickness. If your store is in a big city, the hustle and bustle of the urban centre can greatly affect the productivity of your employees and the ambience of your store.

Enhanced Security

Laminated safety glass is worth investing in for your shopfront because of the enhanced security that it can provide for your store. As the store owner, you know what is going on around your store as well as in the surrounding community. When you choose to invest in laminated safety glass that is customised according to the need of your store as well as your preference, you can ensure that all things are factored in to increase the security of your store and complement your store fitout design layout. In this way, you can feel more secure and reduces your worry about forced entries.

For UV Light Damage Protection

Laminated safety glass consists of layers that are specifically hardened through the heat of the pressure rollers to ensure hardness and thickness, enough to protect your store and your merchandise from UV light damage. Laminated safety glass does not only serve to provide aesthetic appeal to your shopfront but also serves to block 99% of the UV light transmission, thus, helping in the screening of UV radiation.


Laminated safety glass is also commonly referred to as a glass sandwich. It promises durability and stability, that if it breaks, the broken laminated glass will just stick to the plastic inner layer instead of falling to the floor. It consists of two or more layers of glass that sandwich a plastic interlayer. The plastic inner layer holds the structure together by using pressure rollers which aid the mechanical bond form. Thus, ensuring durability and heightening both security and safety for your store. So, for your shopfront, it is a good idea to use laminated safety glass since it is designed to stay intact when shattered due to impact and intentional glass smashing.

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