Why Double Glazed Glass Balustrades are a Knockout Choice for Your Balcony

A glass balustrade on your balcony can be the perfect design element as it blends the outdoors with your interiors in a totally seamless way.

Frameless glass balustrades are trending in modern architecture and in interior design, especially when used to enclose balconies or line up staircases, and these are the reasons why.

The Clear Glass Creates the Illusion of Infinity

One of the reasons designers opt for the clear glass railing is because they create the illusion of more space. It makes your outdoor balcony seem much larger than it really is, and this effect can’t be achieved when you use metal or chrome options.

A glass balustrade gives you a transparent view of the outdoors, giving you a full view of the sky, the landscape, or any other outdoor feature. The glass railing makes the small balcony seem open, fresh, and much bigger than it is.

It Adds Natural Light to the Living Space

Unlike other barriers, glass does not filter out light. A glass railing allows the sun to shine through and enhances the benefits of natural light in the home.

As tall as the base window line, these railings look very modern and almost make you feel like you are walking out of the air.

Glass Is Safe

Double glass balustrades add a modern design to your condominium, upstairs rooms, or apartment, but they are also safe because they are double glazed. They offer improved insulation, but more importantly, they are not easily broken when placed on a balcony.

A Modern Glass Balustrade Offers Higher Resale Value

When it is time to sell your condominium or home, your home will draw more attention because of that modern glass railing. The design is an eye-catcher and offers a beautiful modern look to your outdoor patios and terraces.

Glass Is Easy to Clean

The glass looks ultra-modern, but another important benefit is that they are easy to clean. Use a commercial glass cleaner and a squeegee, and you can clean the railing in a few minutes. In the event of scratches, you only need to polish the glass to restore it to its clear beauty.

Glass Offers Durability

Despite what people think, glass is extremely durable and strong. A new installation can last for years without hardly any maintenance at all. The double glazing offers extreme durability, more so than wood that is prone to insect infestations. Glass ages very slowly, and aging is barely discernible.

It Complements Other Materials

Glass balustrades are unobtrusive, so they offer greater design versatility and complement other materials, whether wood, metal, leather, or plastic, extremely well. A sizable expansion of glass will complement any design.

Glazing Specialists

The functionality and visual aesthetics of a glass balustrade can make it a wonderful choice for any of your balconies. You may have a higher upfront cost, but the investment will last for years, and you will get a higher return on your investment when it is time to sell your property.

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