Why Choose Glass Extensions for Commercial Properties?

We have been making glass extensions to give a light and modern touch to homes since 1993. These contemporary additions can increase a home’s value, reduce energy expenses, and use natural materials for a biophilic aesthetic. However, these additions provide more than just a welcome improvement to the house. They are appropriate for numerous functions and have a position in commercial architecture as well.

Many advantages of glass extensions for homes also apply to commercial buildings. For instance, they enhance the aesthetic while making a statement. Imagine having a line of restaurants to choose from and then being surprised by this outstanding feature. It is perhaps even more significant for commercial use. Glass extensions for commercial buildings have many other benefits besides being aesthetically pleasing.

Provides More Space

Glass is a non-intrusive approach to open up the room even further, which you can do without an expansion. The quantity of natural light enhances the appearance of the area and makes it a more robust solution that can resist the elements. A larger size enables the space to accommodate a greater number of staff or customers. Once more, doing so will help to maintain client satisfaction while boosting profitability and productivity.

Bringing Outside, Inside

Hospitality establishments may experience capacity challenges while selecting whether or not to open outdoor spaces due to the unpredictability of the Australian weather. The best of both worlds is available with glass extensions: access to natural light in a climate-controlled setting without getting wet! It promotes profitability while providing clients with year-round biophilic connections to nature.

Easy Planning Approval

Your ability to obtain planning clearance may be easier depending on the size of your extension. These additions are equivalent to ordinary additions. However, they permitted development rights to apply to smaller installations. We can walk you through the procedure if you’re considering a glass extension but are unsure of the legal ramifications.

Provides Better Views

Location, location, location—your glass extension will make all the difference if your commercial building is close to an area of remarkable natural beauty or another well-known landmark. These spaces are perfect for lobby waiting rooms, keeping your customers entertained while they wait for the theatre, a stage show, or just a place to eat.

Satisfied Users

Utilising natural light to its fullest potential enables us to access our circadian rhythms. These are natural sleep and waking cycles that the sun controls. We are more productive and feel better when we have more access to natural light, which makes it excellent for workplaces.

With over 35 years of experience in the glass sector, Quick Fit Glass has developed into a leader in replacing glass for domestic, commercial, and industrial glazing. The Australian Glass & Glazing Association has approved and thoroughly qualified our tradespeople.

By making Quick Fit Glass your top choice, you can count on a qualified, registered, and accredited tradesman to offer quick, high-quality repairs at reasonable pricing using goods made in Australia. Contact us, and a glass expert will visit you immediately. You can expect exceptional and specialised service every time.

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