What You Need to Know About Unbreakable Glass Windows

In the window industry, windows with unbreakable glass are a perplexing product category. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding unbreakable glass and if specific goods live up to their claims.

This is because “unbreakable glass” is a catch-all term and label frequently used when the majority of security solutions available on the market can be broken with sufficient force and determination. There are options for unbreakable glass on the market, despite its uncertainty. Buyers need to know the various product categories and how their strengths and un-breakability vary.

There are two main categories of unbreakable glass: laminated glass and polycarbonate panels. These well-known varieties of “unbreakable glass” are significantly stronger and lighter than regular glass windows, although they are not equal. We explain each of these alternatives in more detail below, along with which one might be the most suitable for you.

Laminated Glass Windows

Unbreakable laminated glass is frequently referred to as “shatterproof glass” in the window industry. This phrase serves as a blanket definition for a particular type of laminated security glass product. However, as most shatterproof laminated security glass is not completely impermeable, this word can be a little deceptive.

Instead, it is made to be extremely shatter-resistant. When laminated security glass of this kind breaks, it keeps the glass fragments in place to stop them from flying dangerously inwards. As a result, while this method might aid in defending against storm and natural catastrophe threats, it might not be sufficient to fend off an explosive bomb detonation or a determined burglar.

Depending on the thickness of the glass and the determination and tools of the person attempting to obtain access, laminated security glass can cause a brief delay in entry or result in total non-entry. It may serve as a strong enough deterrence in sensitive areas.

Polycarbonate Window Panels

Polycarbonate panels are the kind you want if you’re looking for glass that genuinely lives up to its name as being unbreakable. Compared to laminated glass and other glass window options used in storefronts, polycarbonate panels are much more difficult to break. Polycarbonate panels offer a stronger defence against attempted forced entry, burglaries, and weather-related disasters than these options.

These panels are made of a blend of polycarbonate, acrylics, and other plastic resins, despite having the appearance and functionality of glass windows. Polycarbonate panels are an indestructible and impenetrable option due to their material composition’s combined strength and longevity.

A polycarbonate window will always preserve its integrity against the most persistent and aggressive attacks, including bomb blasts, while laminated glass or shatterproof windows can effectively stall efforts at the forced entrance. Ballistic protection has been built into some polycarbonate panels to defend against firearms threats.

We at Quick Fit Glass are experts in a wide range of protective glass products. We can assist you in choosing the best option to meet your needs, whether you need a security deterrent to stop burglaries and looting or a full-on durable solution for your storefront windows. For further information, get in touch with one of our experts by calling (03) 8368 2220 or contacting us online.

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