What Makes Glass Splashbacks Better Than Tiles?

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Splashbacks are a crucial component of both bathrooms and kitchens. They not only shield your walls from moisture and grime, but they also play a significant role in the décor. Tiles were once the most widely used backsplash material. Glass splashbacks are, however, growing in popularity among Australian homeowners today. Keep reading to find out why so many people have chosen glass splashbacks for their kitchen and bathroom, as well as the benefits they provide over tile splashbacks.

Glass is Known for its Versatility

You and your reliable glass manufacturer may create a custom glass backsplash design for your kitchen or bathroom, unlike with tile splashbacks. You can customise your glass splashbacks to any size and shape, allowing you to create a design that blends in with the dimensions and décor of your home without making any significant alterations.

Ease of Maintenance

The grout between each tile is one of the major drawbacks of splashbacks made of tiles. Over time, all types of grout deteriorate. As it does so, it fades and starts to become unsightly. When grout starts to disintegrate, it can also make your kitchen or bathroom dusty. Additionally, the tiles may crack or drift away from the wall over time. This makes maintaining tile splashbacks more challenging. It will be simpler to maintain a tempered glass splashback created to the thickness you prefer than a tiled splashback. You won’t have to deal with any dust or deterioration problems in the future simply because there isn’t any grout.

Easy Installation Process

You will be able to install the completed splashback quickly thanks to the possibility to customise your glass splashback. Simply have the finished sheet of glass delivered by your provider, and they will mount it on the wall. Because tiles must be cut to fit into a kitchen or bathroom space, installation takes longer. Additionally, using grout means waiting additional time for the grout to set.

It Gives an Illusion of Extra Space

A thick layer of tiles will take up space, making a tiny bathroom or kitchen appear even smaller. However, because of the transparency of the glass, even if a glass splashback still takes up space, this will be less obvious. A mirrored glass splashback is another option for reflecting a portion of your kitchen or bathroom. This will give the impression of more space.

Cleanliness Won’t Be an Issue

Over time, mould, moisture, dirt, and bacteria accumulate in the grout. As a result, a tile backsplash will eventually become unsanitary, especially if you don’t have the time to clean it frequently. Cleaning won’t be a problem if your cooker has a glass splashback to catch wayward food blobs. Because it is smooth and has fewer seams, glass is simple to clean.

It Works Well with Artificial and Natural Light

Glass splashbacks are effective in both natural and artificial lighting. This is helpful in a dark kitchen because you can place your lighting to reflect off your glass splashback and light up the room. Additionally, a glass splashback will reflect light from surrounding windows. Tiles are less effective in illuminating your room because they are less reflective.

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