Update Your Bathroom By Adding Customised Framed or Frameless Showerscreens

Planning bathroom layouts is one of the most difficult tasks in a new build or renovation. There are just too many things to think of, and one of the biggest issues is “Where do you put the shower, and how do you create that all-important shower division?

Getting the most out of the limited space in the shower area and the rest of the bathroom and where to place the shower is the biggest challenge. Good News! Some new technologies and solutions can fix this problem. And by far, the easiest way to use smaller spaces is to install a frameless glass shower screen. In addition to providing a contemporary and luxurious finish, a frameless glass shower solves design problems.
Here are our top 5 reasons for using a glass shower screen as the ultimate bathroom design FIX.

Here we give you four reasons that could inspire you to install a new frameless shower glass enclosure.


The first reason is the most pleasing. It is because these enclosures demonstrate extraordinary and gracious living. They are bedazzling. A frameless shower screen has no heavy hardware installations. The divider is small and can even be nearly invisible. This feature gives it a classic elegance and a minimalistic but contemporary look that makes the entire bathroom seem larger and streamlined.

Easy to Maintain

A glass shower is extremely easy to clean when you know how. You take a squeegee blade and wipe the glass down after every use. No frame means there is no place for mould to grow and no more bathroom scrubbing or removing mould from grout.

Made to Size

Glass panes can be cut to size and solve bathroom size issues. The hinges directly fit the glass and doors and are not affected when the panes are cut to size. This feature makes the glass enclosure a more flexible option.

Floor to Ceiling Glass

The floor-to-ceiling designs add more depth to the room and make the bathroom seem larger. However, there is also a practical reason for this. The taller stalls allow you to place shower heads and taps in shower recesses and save more space.

Frameless Structures Give You More Control

Having fixed glass panes that are hinged with a door in a simple but specialized hinge gives you a frameless glass enclosure, which you can use in any bathroom design and style. This element benefits you as the enclosure basks in all the other design elements of the bathroom.

How to Choose The Right Bath Screen for My Home?

The internet affords many options you can use to design your custom style. Analysing photos, you see online can help you decide which style matches your bathroom size and style. Of course, once you have a few ideas, you can consult with a professional installation contractor to consider the cost and whether the enclosure is appropriate for your bathroom. Contractors can offer free consultations on the best option for your situation.

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