Understanding the Qualities of Characteristics of a Tempered Glass

The construction industry has been utilising property elements out of glass materials. From windows to balustrades, these elements are assured of the qualities that most glasses normally contain. Glass materials are known for their transparent appearance. However, they can be made in a wide variety of colours. They are mostly made from silica and can be formed into different shapes. They can also undergo different processes.

One outcome of a glass undergoing thermal and chemical treatments is tempered glass. Tempered glass continues to dominate the glass market since it boasts characteristics that other glass types do not have. The process of creating tempered glass allows its outer surface to be in a constant state of compression, while its interiors are intended to be in a state of tension. These conditions allow the tempered glass to break uniquely, reducing the chance of injury or accident.

Some of the most prominent characteristics of tempered glass are as follows:

Impact Resistance

Tempered glass is known for its resistance to impact, making it great for construction use. With this type of glass, it can easily withstand outdoor conditions that can already damage other types of glass. Tempered glass can also withstand extreme temperatures, which can be truly helpful if it will be used for properties that experience too cold or too hot ambient temperatures.

Notable Strength

Another great characteristic of tempered glass is its strength. Compared to annealed glass, tempered glass is known to be around 4 times stronger. The strength of the tempered glass makes it great for applications that are constantly exposed to high environmental loads. The only time that tempered glass can be damaged is if it is applied with a pressure of about 24,000 psi.

Added Security

A lot of glass materials can break easily once they are hit by hard objects. Elements that are made from tempered glass, alternatively, will not break and get damaged in just a single hit. And before the glass can break completely, property occupants can already anticipate the intruders and call for help. The hazy and unclear vision of some tempered glass can also help in increasing the privacy of properties that will use it.

Known Versatility

The resistance of tempered glass to impact, extreme temperatures, and other elements make it one of the top choices in making different property elements. Tempered glass can be used in manufacturing windows, doors, partitions, tables, bulletproof glass components, diving masks, plates, cookware, shelves, and many more.

One drawback of tempered glass, however, is that it can only undergo tempering once it has already been cut, polished, drilled, or pressed. Reworking the tempered glass seems to be impossible as any added processes will only lead to its complete deterioration. Another drawback is that it can still be vulnerable to damages and shattering once its centre portion is hit with a concentrated force. To gain access to tempered glass elements, you can give us a call at Quick Fit Glass.

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