Understanding the Benefits of Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows

In Australia, tilt and turn windows have been around for a while, but many homeowners are unfamiliar with this window style. In Europe, they have been popular for many years because of their versatility. But to understand why the Tilt and Turn window is becoming the new building and renovation trend, we first have to understand the functionality of these windows.

The Tilt-Turn windows are essentially three types of windows in one: fixed windows, in-swing windows, and hopper windows. The new hardware allows these windows to lock in the downward position giving it a fixed window type, yet when you turn the handle by 90 degrees, the window can swing inward, and if you turn the handle to the 180-degree position, it tilts open.

Listed below are four benefits to using tilt and turn windows to replace old windows or to use in your new home.


Tilt and turn windows offer several types of ventilation, one of their most obvious advantages. By tilting the window, you can easily allow hot air to escape through the top portion of it. Doing this also prevents strong winds from blowing into the room. However, using the turn function maximizes ventilation by creating more airflow and movement. Both of these options make it easy to adapt to changing environments.

Easy to Clean

The Tilt and Turn window makes cleaning easier. You can safely clean the exterior of your windows from inside the house when the window is in the turn position, which means you don’t need a ladder or an excessive amount of effort to get to the exterior window panes.

Better Sealant

The performance of a tilt and turn window improves insulation over conventional windows. Better sealants offer a tighter seal, creating an air-tight window. In contrast, traditional sliding, single hung, and double-hung windows have more air and water leakage opportunities due to poor seals. So under normal circumstances, a homeowner usually needs to inspect and change window seals everyone to 5 years when the home has traditional windows. On the other hand, the new Tilt and Turn windows have improved seals that don’t require replacement as frequently.

More Security

The Tilt Turn window functions with hardware that has multiple locking points. Furthermore, the in-swing hinges prevent the window from being forced or pulled open from the outside. In addition, the window’s tilt position offers additional security while still allowing for ventilation.

Whether you choose aluminium or wood-aluminium tilt and turn windows, the designs are limitless because of various colours, handles, glazing, and frame choices. In general, we can say the Tilt and Turn windows use newer design and technology to make windows more functional in a home or business.

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