Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Glass Splashbacks

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Glass splashbacks may be the ideal solution if you’re looking to preserve the walls of your bathroom or kitchen while adding a contemporary, artistic flare. Splashbacks are a wise investment from an aesthetic, practical, and hygienic standpoint. They are used by architects and designers worldwide because they are versatile, durable, and appealing. As the leading commercial and domestic glass solution provider since 1993, we at Quick Fit Glass share the top 5 benefits of glass splashbacks.

Fully Customisable

Since glass splashbacks can be customised, custom kitchen designs are guaranteed. This makes general power outlet (GPO) installation and appliance connection simple and opens up other backsplash application options, including bathroom, commercial, and corporate settings.

Durable and Safe

Glass splashbacks are inherently stronger and more scratch-resistant than their stainless steel and tiled counterparts. Glass splashbacks are also hardened, utilising a series of demanding heating and cooling procedures. To provide the strongest glass splashbacks and assure quick installation, end users’ safety, and long-term satisfaction, Quick Fit Glass collaborates only with the best in the industry.

Heat Resistant

Splashbacks made of glass can withstand heat. When used appropriately, heat generated by cooking won’t harm glass splashbacks, meaning there won’t be any cracking, warping, or blackening, or, most importantly, any effects on safety.

Design Versatility

It’s crucial to consider the design style you want when choosing glass splashbacks:

  • Painted Splashbacks – You’ll discover that you can create almost any colour for your glass splashback, from solid to metallic, giving you great design versatility. Glass products, especially splashbacks, will have a small green tint due to the naturally occurring iron oxide present in materials used to make glass. This green may occasionally affect the colour of the splashback when using lighter paint colours.
  • Prints and Graphics – Splashbacks made of printed glass are the best choices for a striking, completely original, and spectacular design statement. The choices are unlimited, from an image of a natural environment to a patterned digital design to an image that resembles marble or tiled splashbacks.
  • Mirrored Options – Mirrored splashbacks effectively maximise the view and natural light in a kitchen through reflection. Glass splashbacks aid in enabling more social, open-plan living areas by fostering this sensation of space.

Cleaning and Maintenance Made Easy

Glass splashbacks are smooth and seamless, in contrast to tiled alternatives, making cleaning and maintenance much easier. Most of the time, all you’ll need is a microfiber cloth and some water.

The desire for better building and living materials is growing as quickly as our lives. Glass splashbacks do a good job of evoking a hassle-free lifestyle while guaranteeing customisation and personalised design.

Quick Fit Glass is a leader in glass solutions with a distinctive presence across Australia. We produce and install safe, high-quality, and specialised glass solutions for commercial and residential use, including shopfronts, mirrored walls, coloured and decorative splashbacks, and more. Because all of our tradesmen have received complete certification from the Australian Glass & Glazing Association, we guarantee that our services will be of the utmost quality. Contact us today!


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