Tilt Slab Factory Unit Doors and Windows in Melbourne

If you are in need of a durable, yet low-maintenance windows for your garage or shed, then tilt slab factory unit doors and windows in Melbourne ought to be your prime choice. While not exactly as conventional as other door and window choices, tilt slab doors and windows offer a number of benefits that conventional doors and windows do not have.

Built from long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance materials, tilt slab factory unit doors and windows can be installed with relative ease and operated without much hassle. In most cases, tilt slab doors and windows are often found installed in garages, work sheds, greenhouses, and any area which requires a significantly large clearance space for ingress and egress.

Tilt slab factory doors and windows offers the following advantages:

• Durability – tilt slab doors and windows are specifically designed to be durable, due in part to the way that these functions. As per the name – tilted slab doors and windows – these are tilted upward to ‘open’, and once again downwards to ‘close’. It is so-called because it is actually a specialised framework made of aluminium, stainless steel, chromium-plated steel, or brass, in which is nestled and a set of thick slabs of clear or coloured glass.

Because of this specific construction, tilt slab factory unit doors and windows are made to last.

• Versatile construction
– this specific variety of doors and windows are most preferred for non-office and non-residential areas for one very good reason – they are all-weather doors and windows. Not only do they allow natural light to come in, but they also allow ease of entry and exit due to the lack of a door frame, and the way that it is opened by lifting the framework towards the top rather than outward.

• Unique aesthetics – though commonly thought of as an ‘industrial-grade’ architectural feature, more and more tilt slab unit doors and windows are being employed in residential and office settings. These may feature tinted glass, stained-glass, or elegantly made framework that fits minimalist or period revivalist aesthetics.

Tilt slab factory unit doors and windows can be an excellent alternative to roller shutters, jalousie windows, or any of the more conventional door and window options available in the market today.

Whether for residential or commercial purposes, if you are looking for an excellent resource for tilt slab factory unit doors and windows in Melbourne, or custom-made glass entryways and windows, for any application, then come contact Quick Fit Glass today.

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