The Idea Behind Double Glazed Doors and Windows

Most conventional doors are made from a solid block of fine wood that is coated with some protective layer of paint and varnish. Windows, on the other hand, are made from standard glass that may shatter once they are forcedly closed or shut by the wind. With various developments in technology, sturdier material composition is now integrated with doors and windows.

The Wonders of Double Glazing

Doors and windows can now be structured through the design of an insulated glass unit (IGU). IGU is the combination of multiple glass layers into a single solid block of glass. While they can be perceived as one, the glass layers are actually separated by a spacer bar and a layer of air or gas. The IGUs is then tightly sealed and fitted into the Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) frames.

Most doors and windows are double glazed, which means that they are made out of two layers of glass. Triple glazing is also becoming a trend since IGUs have a lot of energy-saving benefits. Using this type of doors and windows can also effectively insulate heat and cold, which ultimately helps with the regulation of temperature.

Things to Consider in Double Glazing

When double glazing or even triple glazing your windows and doors, it is important that the space between the glass layers will range from 6mm to 20mm. However, if you want to maximise conductivity and energy efficiency, the space between glass layers must range between 10 and 20mm.

Speaking of space, this specific part of the IGU must have the best type of gas for the best thermal and acoustic performance. Argon, which is the third most abundant gas in Earth, is the most recommended gas to use for the space between the glass layers. It has a low conductivity property that can improve overall insulation.

The most important part of the IGUs is the glass itself. One of the glass types that you can use with your IGU is low-e glass. This type of glass is very effective in limiting the amount of harmful solar radiation that can come through it. Another type of glass that can be used for IGUs is laminated glass. This type of glass can effectively disrupt sound waves, which significantly improves acoustic performance.

Benefits of Double Gazing

Installing double glazed doors and windows has a lot of benefits. First, they can keep the temperature of your property regulated. You don’t even have to worry if the outside temperature is too high or too low since IGUs can insulate heat. Another benefit of these doors and windows is that you can save a lot of energy as the temperature is controlled right away. There will be times where you don’t have to turn on some of your appliances just to get the indoor temperature right.

The overall composition of IGUs also helps in keeping dust and dirt particles from reaching your property. This benefit is possible since doubled glazed doors and windows are airtight and sealed properly. Aside from dust and dirt particles, IGUs can also block the outside noise. Through the combination of special glass, the noise from the outside is trapped or will even just bounce back.

The last important benefit of doubled glazed doors and windows is that it increases security. The types of glass that are used for IGUs are extremely durable, which can prevent any possibility of break-ins or unexpected damages.

Glazed doors and windows can help you with a lot of things. If you want to install this type of doors and windows, you can contact us now at Quick Fit Glass. We have the capability of creating and installing high quality double glazed doors and windows on your property.

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