The Benefits of Stylish Glass Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

With all the money that you invest in your kitchen over the years, it would be a shame to overlook one of the most important protective elements to add to it. We are speaking about splashbacks to prevent the walls from staining as a result of the accumulation of cooking residues, splashes and spills. While there are numerous materials available for splashbacks today, we are here to discuss the benefits of installing stylish glass ones in your kitchen.

Highly Effective Wall Protection

When you select the right type of glass for your splashbacks, they will stand up to exposure to heat, acids in foods and impacts along with being completely stain-resistant if not stain-proof. Nothing will penetrate the glass to damage the walls behind the splashbacks.

Flexible Design Options

Glass provides you flexible design options since you can install murals or photos behind clear glass splashbacks, choose from an assortment of colours of glass or select either tempered or laminated glass.

Glass Splashbacks Complement Any Kitchen Décor

Even though you may consider glass splashbacks modern, they actually can complement contemporary, traditional, modern and even rustic kitchens. In fact, you do not receive this much flexibility with other splashback materials.

Easy to Clean and Sanitise

Another advantage of installing glass splashbacks is that they are easy to clean and sanitise. Most food splatters, spills and residues will clean off with just hot water and dishwashing detergent.

Easy Installation Process

Unlike tile and other materials for splashbacks, glass is easy to install. The process is not complex or time consuming. Also, replacing a section of glass is simple to do in case there is ever an issue.

Glass Splashbacks Reflect Light Back into the Room

The glass of these splashbacks reflect light back into the room. This provides an attractive accent that you cannot receive with any other material in quite the same way. Light reflectivity on this level can make a small kitchen appear larger than it actually is in most cases.

Cost-Effective Splashbacks

Glass is cost-effective for splashbacks when you consider its durability and easy maintenance over the years. Other materials may cost less at the beginning but wind up being the pricier choice since they do not hold up as well or need constant maintenance to keep their ideal condition.

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