Strategic Stacker Door Installation for a Seamless Home Flow

Stacker Door Installation

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Stacker doors are growing in popularity for both indoor and outdoor uses. Their space-saving accordion-style design folds back neatly when open. Here are some of the best places in a home to install these versatile doors.

•  Patio Enclosures – Stacker doors are perfect for enclosing a patio or sunroom while maintaining an indoor-outdoor feel. Fully retract the doors to enjoy open-air living. Close them during inclement weather or to control temperatures. Stackers give you the ability to customise your level of exposure. Their space-saving design makes stackers ideal for patios and sunrooms where square footage is at a premium.

•  Room Dividers – Use stacker doors as sleek, functional room dividers between adjacent spaces like a kitchen and dining room. They allow you to separate rooms when needed while also opening up the floor plan when a more expansive feel is desired. The doors provide flexibility. Stacker room dividers enable quick switching between open and intimate spaces to suit any occasion.

•  Closet Doors – Stacker doors are ideal for walk-in closets in a bedroom. They allow easy access to clothing and storage while saving space. During closet use, the doors fold out of the way against the sides rather than obstructing a room. Frosted glass panels give a beautiful finish.

•  Home Office Partition – Create defined spaces and block noise in an open-concept home office by installing stacker doors. Use them to separate work zones from lounging areas or divide a large room into individual workstations. The expansive openings enable flexibility. Stacker office dividers promote both collaboration and private focus time. We also offer sleek glass partitions; check them out here.

•  Bathroom Doors – Bathrooms benefit from stacker doors with their space-efficient fold-away operation. Mount them as enclosures for showers and tubs. They can also replace hinged doors at entrances, especially in small powder rooms with obtrusive swinging doors. The minimal footprint of folded stackers is perfect for tight bathrooms needing to maximise every inch.

•  Garage Entryway – For indoor access from the garage, stacker doors provide a sleeker alternative to bulky swing doors. Keep them open to blend garage and living spaces or close them for separation while parked cars run. The crisp, minimalist look enhances the decor. Stackers allow the garage entry to disappear seamlessly when privacy or fume control isn’t needed.

Experience the advantages of stacker doors in your home. Talk to our expert installers at Quick Fit Glass today to discuss your project. Our skilled team provides quality installation along with expert guidance on ideal door placement and custom design options.

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