Shower Screens: Choose the Ideal Glass For Your Bathroom

You choose quality and atmosphere when you pick a frameless glass shower screen for your shower. They are aesthetically pleasing and simple to clean, and ideal for any size bath or shower area. Before placing your purchase for your glass shower screen, familiarise yourself with the many types of glass that are offered. This will help you make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Standard Clear Glass

Toughened or tempered glass shower screens are one of the most popular choices because they let light in, make the most of available space, visually open up the bathroom, and make even small bathrooms appear bigger. In daylight, clear glass exhibits a faint green tint. For peace of mind, if you have a young family, the Building Code of Australia specifies requirements for glass shower screens and shower doors in terms of materials, selection, installation, and safety. The Grade A, toughened and laminated safety glass used in shower screens must be at least 4 mm (framed) or 6 mm thick (partly framed and frameless). Standard clear glass is ideal for a functional yet stylish glass shower screen.

Acid Edged Glass

If you want to maintain privacy in your shower, acid-etched glass is the ideal choice while retaining the most light and transparency possible. In some lighting, silhouettes will appear, but a satin, velour, or opaque finish will make it difficult to see clearly. Shower screens made of acid-etched glass can be patterned. If you want to be creative, artistic, or do something remarkable, use your own custom design.

Starphire Glass

The little green or blue tinge on transparent glass may have caught your eye. This is due to the presence of iron particles in common clear glass. However, manufacturers have now developed a method to eliminate the majority of those iron particles, resulting in even clearer, more dazzling, and purer glass. With a glass shower screen called Starphire, you may display a gorgeous shower area to its fullest potential. Choose Starphire glass for your glass shower screen if you have a striking colour scheme, marble surfaces, clear, crisp hues, or stunning tiles. The outcomes will continue to be excellent for many years.

Textured Glass

Glass that has a surface you can feel when you run your fingers over is known as textured glass. The surface of the glass has an imprinted pattern or design. The outcome is aesthetically pleasing, and you may choose the degree of obscurity you desire.

When water is running down it, the texture is further intensified. Additionally, light may produce a variety of captivating visual effects. With textured glass, a wide variety of designs and finishes are possible. You can choose a shower screen that looks like wood, bricks, or tiles. Or have the sensation of a luxurious spa or a foggy jungle. Glass shower doors with textured surfaces offer seclusion while hiding watermarks and fingerprints.

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasting is the technique of blasting the glass surface, giving it a frosted appearance. You can decide the amount of opacity you desire using acid and sandblast glass etching. You can choose from a wide variety of intricate designs with sandblasting, and the spectacular results are of great quality. Zero opacity (or obscurity) is an option for total privacy that allows light to pass through the glass.

If you now have the idea of what type of glass you will install on your shower, know that Quick Fit Glass are experts in the industry and are are fully qualified by the Australian Glass & Glazing Association. You can check out our online gallery to view our completed projects or contact us at (03) 8368 2220 for more enquiries.

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