Should Glass Balustrades Be Tempered?

Glass balustrades have been steadily increasing in popularity over the years thanks to their aesthetic benefits and practical uses. From modern homes to classical stylings, glass balustrades can be an impact addition to your home or business. While balustrades have been in use for a long time, there are still some bits of misinformation floating around the internet. Today, we are going to address the benefits of glass balustrades while expounding on one of the most commonly asked questions regarding the objects: do glass balustrades need to be tempered? Let’s dig into our discussion of glass balustrades so that you can get back to improving the look of your home!

Glass Balustrades: Do They Need To Be Tempered

Glass balustrades are delightful additions to homes and businesses everywhere due to the fact that they are flexible additions that offer both style and function. Typically, you’ll see glass balustrades lining walkways up and down modern homes or modern office spaces. Glass balustrades can also be used for function as liners for balconies and decks. With all of that being said, glass balustrades need to have the strength and integrity to support their functional usage. This line of thought leads us to the all-important question: do glass balustrades need to be tempered?

1) What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is when a sheet of glass is subjected to a high rate of heat, often at or exceeding the 700′ C mark. The glass hits this heightened level of heat before being quickly cooled down or quenched. This process is repeated numerous times until there are several layers of extra durable glass set in place. Now, tempering does not make your glass ‘invincible’ but it does make your glass much safer. The reason for this is because when your glass is tempered, it won’t shatter like a regular piece of brittle glass. Instead, the glass will crumble without the elongated, razor sharp glass fragments that you are used to.

2) Do my glass balustrades need to be tempered?

Alright, so we are at the core concept of our discussion. Do the glass balustrades that you install in your home or business need to be tempered? The simple answer is ‘yes’. The elongated answer is, ‘definitely’. Tempering your glass balustrades is completely necessary in order to ensure that they function in both a safe and effective manner. By tempering your glass, you ensure that you are doing everything that you can in order to make your property safe as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Glass balustrades can be an incredibly eye-pleasing addition to many areas of your home or business. From walkways and railings to pools and office spaces, glass balustrades are definitely worth looking into. Call us today for a quote on all of your balustrading needs.

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