Shopfront Glass Doors and Windows: Cleaning and Disinfection in the Midst of Covid19 Pandemic

The very presence of shopfront glass doors and windows has helped a lot of business owners in terms of their sales, publicity, and marketing efforts. These glass doors and windows have also assisted in boosting customer traffic, improving security, increasing the building value, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the performance of employees.

Given the benefits brought by shopfront glass doors and windows, it is sensible for business owners to get them cleaned regularly. Any disinfection activities must be also amplified now more than ever given the continuous spread of COVID-19. We will never know who among the people who walk in and out of your store has the virus. So, to maintain the safety of your employees and consumers, you can follow these tips on getting your shopfront glass doors and windows cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning Shopfront Glass Doors and Windows

If you have not cleaned your shopfront glass doors and windows for a long time, then expect some accumulation or build-up of cobwebs, dirt, dust, and grime. Fortunately, removing them is easy. You can start by clearing them off the frames and the glass with the use of a brush. Consequently, create a cleaning solution by mixing dishwashing liquid and warm water in a bucket. Just make sure that your dishwashing liquid is compatible with the type of glass installed. Once the solution is mixed, you can now soak your window scrubber with it in the bucket. Wipe the glass and the frames with the window scrubber.

In wiping off the glass and the frames, you must do it in a circular motion. To make your cleaning faster, you can try to start the wiping action in the middle of the glass. When you are done with window scrubber, you can now use a compatible squeegee to clean your windowpanes and windowsills, if there are any. Ultimately, you must wipe the frames and every corner of your shopfront glass doors and windows with a soft clean towel. Make sure that you do not leave any water stains behind and let the glass dry naturally.

Shopfront Glass Doors and Windows Disinfection

The spread of COVID-19 is somehow identical to other types of contagious diseases. This coronavirus can be released from an infected individual when they cough and sneeze out in the open. As they release droplets of infected fluid, the droplets would then fall on their surrounding surfaces and objects. Shopfront glass doors and windows are only a few of the surfaces that can contain droplets of COVID-19, especially when there are people who might touch the glass surface, sneeze or cough when they pass by your store, and so on.

The use of disinfectant for your shopfront glass doors and windows can greatly help in eliminating COVID-19 and other types of diseases. However, when disinfecting these surfaces, you must remember to wear appropriate skin and eye protection to prevent the risk of splash hazards. Moreover, you must also strictly follow instructions on the label of your chosen disinfectant to make the most out of the product without causing any harm to yourself and the environment. A suitable disinfectant will not only eradicate germs, but it will also prevent causing damages to your shopfront glass doors and windows. Cleaning and disinfecting your shopfront glass doors and windows allow you to contribute to the full eradication of the COVID-19 in your community. If you are not sure about the appropriate disinfectant for the type of glass that you have, feel free to consult with us at Quick Fit Glass.

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