Residential Glass Balustrade and Mirror Walls: Why Cleaning and Disinfection is a Must These Days

Ever since the start of the pandemic, the cleaning and disinfection of key surfaces have been among the most important activities that must be done by a lot of homeowners every day. Surfaces of handles, doorknobs, tables, and other frequently touched objects are always cleaned and disinfected with various cleaning tools and solutions to ensure that the disease will not linger and remain there for a long time.

What are the benefits of glass balustrades and mirror walls?

Two key surfaces at home that must be cleaned and disinfect all the time are glass balustrade and mirror walls. The presence of glass balustrades in residential areas makes them look more elegant, classy, and stylish. These balustrades also allow light to come in, which can provide sufficient lighting for a property without the need for added lighting fixtures. Glass balustrades also create an illusion of more space, larger appearance, and a more expansive atmosphere.

Just like glass balustrades, mirror walls can also bring a significant amount of light as well as create an illusion of a much larger space. Additionally, the installation of mirror walls can seamlessly hide any imperfections that are present in certain areas and rooms of a home. Structures or walls that may have already been damaged over time can be easily hidden by mirror walls. They can also create a focal point in a specific room or area of the home, which is perfect for those who have visitors all the time. Functionality is also a crucial factor in mirror walls since they can be used to check ourselves.

Why cleaning glass balustrades and mirror walls is important?

Cleaning and disinfecting glass balustrades and mirror walls are important these days since their surfaces can easily retain germs and bacteria that can cause diseases for a very long time. According to experts, viruses can easily live and survive on glass surfaces for four to five days. These viruses can even persist for up to nine days if the combination of temperature and humidity prolongs their survival.

With the current COVID-19 situation in the world, everyone must be extremely cautious about their surroundings right now. Through proper cleaning and disinfection of these glass and mirror surfaces, the chances of contracting the disease can be reduced by a huge percentage. Cleaning and disinfection must also be done with other frequently touched surfaces. Additionally, proper hygiene and physical distancing must be practiced whenever going out in the public.

How to clean and disinfect glass balustrades and mirror walls?

There are simple ways that you can do to clean and disinfect glass balustrades and mirror walls. Cleaning them will always be the first thing to do, which can be done by wiping them with a lint-free cloth that is soaked in warm soapy water. When dealing with streak marks, you can use a squeegee together with warm soapy water to remove them. Dried-on debris can also be removed by spraying a solution of one cup water, one cup rubbing alcohol, and one tablespoon white vinegar. A couple of minutes after you have sprayed on the surface, you must now wipe it with a cloth that is soaked in the same solution.

Disinfecting glass balustrades and mirror walls can also be done by wiping them with alcohol-based disinfecting wipes or solutions that have at least 70% alcohol. Diluted bleach solutions and other suitable disinfecting products can also be used in disinfecting and sanitising these surfaces. The cleaning and disinfection of glass balustrades and mirror walls are important these days as they can help in preventing diseases from spreading within families. They can also preserve the quality and longevity of the surfaces. For more information about their cleaning and disinfection, just give us a call at Quick Fit Glass.

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