Quality Mirrors and All Types of Glass Supply for Cabinet Makers and Shopfitters in Melbourne

Since ancient times, glass has always held some degree of fascination for artists, builders, and even furniture makers. Today, glass adds a touch of delicacy and refinement, it is an integral part of cabinet making that perfectly complements wood and metal. Mirrors are also of particular importance to cabinet makers, especially since they are almost always a regular fixture in cabinets, armoires, and vanities.

Not all glass is made the same, and while it is easy to procure low-quality glass for various intended purposes, these varieties will have a tendency to be very thin or brittle. Low quality glass may will often possess very noticeable imperfections that will insult a hand-made, heirloom, or restored cabinet more than compliment or accentuate it.

The transparency and opacity, as well as the capacity of glass to throw and scatter light. is of the utmost importance, and it is one of the distinguishing features of its popularity and beauty.

Here are some of the reasons why high-quality mirrors and glass are important choices for cabinetry:

• Clarity – a lot of people notice that low-quality glass has a tendency to perpetually look ‘foggy’. This is caused by imperfections within the glass itself. While these imperfections are barely noticeable to the naked eye, microscopic flaws interfere with a glass pane’s ability to admit light perfectly. Cabinets, especially ones used for displaying items, require glass panes that are 100% pristine, so as not to obscure whatever is being displayed behind it.

• Durability – low-quality mirrors and glass are extremely brittle and will chip or crack with the slightest pressure. This not only makes them difficult to install, but it also makes replacing them a waste of money, which is why it just makes sense to have quality mirrors and glass installed on your shop cabinets.

• Reflective fidelity – in the case of mirrors, low-quality ones will often distort reflections and give off a skewed or imperfect image too. This is the reason why fun-house mirrors exist – they are intentionally made that way! But unless you want a mirror that makes your image skewed, then high-quality mirrors with silver backing are the ideal choice.

• Aesthetic necessity – mirrors and glass make cabinets more alluring to shoppers because they allow them to see what’s inside a cabinet, and invites them examine products more closely.

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