Mirrored Walls: Design that Adds Depth and Style to Your Room

When it comes time to improve your business or add on to your home, there are many directions that you could go in. When it comes right down to it, most property owners want to be able to improve the dynamic of their home while embracing a visual aesthetic that fits their own personal vision. For a lot of people, adding in mirrored walls can be a great way to change the dynamic of a room while increasing utility all without breaking your budget. Today, we are going to take a close look at how mirrored walls can rejuvenate your home or business.

Benefits of Mirrored Walls

Right off of the bat, when we say ‘mirrored walls,’ what comes to mind? Well, mirrored walls are typically seven-to-eight foot tall mirrors that are installed against a wall. You’ll see mirrored walls in just about every type of building that there is. From a gymnasium and dance studio, to a hair salon or corporate environment, mirrored walls can go a long way toward improving a property. Mirrored walls may not be familiar to you specifically, so let’s go ahead and round out all the benefits that they can provide.

1) Adds Depth & Size – A mirrored wall can go a long way toward improving the size of a room, at least mentally. Mirrors add depth wherever they are installed. A cramped room can suddenly feel much more open and relaxing. Consider a small gym that adds mirrors on the wall. Suddenly, people working out will feel like they are in a larger space. This is an optical illusion, of course, but it is one that you directly benefit from.

2) Hides Wall Flaws – If you have a great wall that has been marred by defects that aren’t easy to fix, a mirrored wall could come into play. Mirrors are quick and easy to install, and they are perfect for hiding minor flaws and issues that you’d rather not pay to fix.

3) Improves Room Lighting – Finally, a new set of mirrored walls can help dramatically improve the lighting in your room. Mirrors can reflect natural light easily, which will allow your room to feel more well-lit. Mirrors can help  illuminate your room, increase ambient heat, and reduce your electric bills all at the same time.

You can get mirrored walls to fit your exact goals. Whether you want to outfit a hair salon or improve a corporate environment, mirrors can be your solution. Here at Quick Fit Glass, we are always ready for your next project. Give us a call, today!

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