How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Glass?

Glass replacement is not only necessary when a window or door is broken. It can also play a crucial role in enhancing your home or commercial space’s safety, energy efficiency, and noise resistance. Continue reading to learn more about when to replace your glass with the expert tips from Quick Fit Glass.

Your Glass is Old/Unsafe and Non-Compliant

Making sure you comply with the Australian Standards is crucial because they are always changing with regard to glass. Getting a professional in to have a look is important if your building is old and the glass has been the same for a while. If your glass is not compliant, they can confirm it and let you know your choices. Keep in mind that if you are a building owner, it is your legal duty to ensure compliance with all Australian Standards. Any problems that arise as a result of using non-compliant glass may put you in danger of liability.

Your Glass Is Fragile

It could be time to upgrade to more secure glazing components if your glass is fragile or single-pane, especially if you have kids.  Enhancing safety and security in your home by installing laminated or toughened safety glass would be quite beneficial.  Because these safety glass variants are difficult to break, they will make your home considerably more secure during a break-in attempt or severe weather. Both toughened and laminated glass are made to stay together or break into many tiny pieces, not into large, sharp shards, in the unlikely case they break. Injuries will be avoided, and clean-up will be considerably simpler.

If You Want to Upgrade into Energy Efficient Glass

Standard single-pane glass wastes a lot of energy. It makes heat passing through your windows and doors simple, necessitating greater internal thermal control.  It’s a terrific idea to upgrade to multi-glazed, laminated, or low-emissivity coated glass to increase the energy efficiency of your building. These types of glass are excellent at keeping your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer without using excessive amounts of electricity.

Your Glass Is Bad at Blocking Out External Noise

The inability of your glass to effectively muffle external noise may also be a sign that it needs to be replaced. Unlike regular glass panels, multi-glazed and laminated glass is significantly more sound-resistant. They are excellent in keeping quiet in your home and keeping outside noise outside.

The team of Quick Fit Glass are the experts in all things about glass, including glass replacements. With us, most standard glass replacements and shopfronts are replaced on the same day if the booking is made before noon.

If you want to make your home safer and more peaceful for your family, ensure your glass complies with the current safety regulations. You can count on a qualified, registered, and accredited tradesman to provide quick, high-quality repairs at reasonable costs if you make us your preferred choice. For all your commercial and domestic glass needs, contact us today!

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