How to Choose Coloured & Decorative Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

Preparing and cooking food often leave numerous stains and spills on your kitchen walls. Sometimes, these stains are hard to clean, leaving permanent marks that can affect the overall look of your beloved kitchen. As a remedy, you may want to install splashbacks for the protection of your kitchen.

Splashbacks are one of the most prominent features of your kitchen. Often made of solid materials, these wonders can cover an area of your kitchen that is close to your cooking area. Aside from protection, these splashbacks can also boost the physical appearance of your haven.

As easy as it seems, choosing the perfect splashbacks for your kitchen can be quite overwhelming. You know that installing such enhancements can be expensive and that messing this up can ruin everything about your kitchen. To help you out, here are some tips on choosing the best coloured and decorative splashbacks for your kitchen.

Pick Your Colours

To kick things off, you may want to consider your favourite colour as an option for your splashbacks. Since you are familiar with that specific colour, it will be much easier for you to choose its right tone and shade for the kitchen.

Choose from Neutral Shades

Aside from your favourite colours, you can also pick neutral-coloured splashbacks. Most house designers choose neutral colours since they can get you a soft balance and harmony of complementing colours. Picking neutral shades is also ideal if you are thinking of moving out a couple of years from now since these colours can be appealing to most homeowners.

Select the Correct Tone

Upon selecting colour options, you must match and complement the colours of your splashbacks with the existing elements of your kitchen. Your cabinets and drawers, as well as dish racks and other things, have colours that fit perfectly with your kitchen. You can do the same with your splashbacks by choosing the correct tone. After all, you don’t want a kitchen that uses a single colour.

Check Your Space Size

Colours don’t just affect the visual appeal of the kitchen. They can also affect light absorption. So, if you have a small kitchen space, splashbacks with dark colours will absorb light tremendously. Alternatively, big kitchen space with light-coloured splashbacks can give you a laboratory vibe all the time.

Ask for Samples

The outcome of your kitchen’s splashbacks relies on your decision. After selecting all the colour options for your splashbacks, you must decide which of the colours is best suitable for the overall looks of your kitchen. Asking for real samples from your service provider can give you the best perception about your splashbacks, rather than relying on a colour chart.

Check Material Properties

Lastly, you must check if the sample splashbacks can resist water and stain once they are cleaned out. You can also look at the thickness and other properties of the splashbacks to see if they can work well with your existing kitchen.

If you want to know more about splashbacks, contact us at Quick Fit Glass. We can help you find and install the perfect splashbacks for your lovely kitchen.

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