How Can Laminated Glass Improve the Visual Appeal of Your Home?

There is nothing more exhilarating than being able to enjoy the confines of a new home. The initial bliss of freshly painted walls and newly-furnished surroundings would hearten anyone to utilize place and make good memories. As architecture continues to progress, new and innovative materials are incorporated in the construction of modern homes.

One of which is the use of glass for windows. The remarkable thing about a glass window is that it can enhance the interior décor and brightness of every home. Not only does it provide an abundance of natural light, it also offers a stunning view of the surroundings or a way to make your interior look more open and inviting. Long ago, the fear for violent home break-ins caused the distaste for glass windows. But today, homeowners can experience the abovementioned aesthetic advantages without compromising their security.

The newfound solution is laminated glass. Laminated glass is considered as one of the strongest and most durable solutions for the homes. It is comprised of two or more sheets that are fused together with a PVB interlayer, thus also known as PVB laminated glass. The layered system of this glass adds to the strength and durability of the window making it almost impossible to break through. But the question is – does it look good in a home?

Design Versatility

Laminated glasses can be either depending on your preference. They can also include annealed, toughened, heat-strengthened, wired, patterned, tinted, or reflective glasses. If desired, interlayer can be incorporated to add colour tints and for further aesthetic and privacy needs.

Regular Thickness

Due to its enhanced durability, there is a common notion that laminated glass might be thicker that regular glass windows. The answer is a resounding no. The thickness of laminated glass is not significantly different than regular glass so it is still aesthetically pleasing.

Low Visual Distortion

Visual distortions are caused by “roller waves” in tempered and heat-strengthened glass. However, laminated annealed glass can minimise such effects. However, it can produce sharp reflected images with curtain walls.

Natural Daylight

Natural sunlight can provide light, warmth, and ventilation. With the heat and light stable pigments in the natural daylight, there is an unlimited colour range once it is combined with tinted glass and coatings. This is proven to reduce stress and enhance creativity. By using coloured laminated glass, you can brighten up your home while being very easy to maintain.

UV Protection

Laminated glass provides better protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Laminated glass serves as a guard for delicate plants, fabrics, carpets and furniture from fading, since it is a durable and versatile glazing material. It can also help reduce heat gain from sunlight and ultimately reducing air conditioning costs.

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