Glass Splashbacks: A Hygienic and Stylish Design for Contemporary Kitchens

For modern contemporary kitchen designs, glass splashbacks are hygienic and very stylish additions. Beautiful glass panels can be used in kitchens as splashbacks that have several finish options available, from various colours to clear mirrored glass to create luxurious design features.

Glass splashback specialists can install any size and any colour splashback to meet your kitchen or bathroom’s unique design specifications. Whether it is textured glass splashbacks, mirrored or flat glass splashbacks, you can affordably transform the look of your existing bathroom or kitchen into a luxurious space that will increase the value of your home.

Hygienic and Stylish Glass Splashbacks for Contemporary Kitchens

While beautiful spray painted coloured glass splashbacks are an ideal way to create unique eye-catching features in your kitchen, the main benefit is their hygienic nature. Splashbacks are an integral part of any kitchen, as they serve as a protective barrier between the counter and kitchen walls. Basically, the role these play is to prevent liquids and food from making contact with your walls, and the type of material used can help to maintain a high hygienic level.

A glass splashback is one of the most hygienic materials to use in your kitchen, it is much cheaper and is more aesthetically versatile than stainless steel splashbacks. If you want to make your kitchen look clean and hygienic, then glass splashbacks are the best choice, as they are easy to clean and highly resistant to water, grease, oil, and food.

If you are in the process of building a new home, or renovating your existing kitchen, and you want to achieve a clean, hygienic and sleek appearance – a kitchen design with modern lines that is easy to clean, then stylish glass splashbacks are the perfect choice.

Glass Splashbacks Specialists

At Quick Fit Glass Melbourne, we are a supplier of quality glass and specialise in glass splashbacks for kitchens. Our qualified glazier can help you determine the best colour to suit your kitchen design needs, from among our extensive range of colours available to you.

Besides the aesthetic benefits that quality glass splashbacks can deliver, professionally installed glass splashbacks can add to the resale value of your home if you ever decide to sell your property. Also, Quick Fit Glass installs a special fire-proof foundry board behind your cooktop before placing toughened safety glass panels used as glass splashback, this is to protect your home against thermal transfer of heat to the timber wall frame.

For a free price quote for kitchen glass splashbacks, contact us here at Quick Fit Glass today.

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