Four Foolproof Ways to Ensure a Space-Saving and Aesthetically-Pleasing Bathroom Mirrors

People look in the mirror every day when they are performing their daily hygiene routine, or applying some cosmetic products. This reason alone makes mirrors one of the most significant parts of bathrooms. The lack of mirrors makes a bathroom somehow incomplete.

Mirrors come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Even the quality of the glass used for making these mirrors differ from one manufacture to another. If you are thinking of updating the mirrors on your bathroom, you have to consider some of their elements. To help you out, here are some tips that you can follow to obtain the most appropriate mirrors for your bathroom.

Find the Appropriate Size

One of the most important tips when choosing high-quality mirrors is to find the ones with the appropriate size. To date, there are plenty of size options for bathroom mirrors. But no matter how broad these size options are, if you have purchased one that does not fit your bathroom, then it would just cause you a lot more trouble. Finding the appropriate size for your mirrors would be hugely dependent on the available space of your bathroom. So, you must measure the allocated space for your mirrors in your bathroom and then consider those dimensions when choosing and buying them.

Know the Types of Mirrors

Mirrors can be classified according to their form factor. Knowing these classifications can help you obtain the most suitable mirrors for your bathroom. If your bathroom has a vast blank space on its wall, then you may want to opt for wall mirrors. Full-length mirrors, alternatively, can be taller than most wall mirrors, but they can help you assess your whole appearance from head to toe. Bathrooms with limited wall space can, on the other hand, maximise floor mirrors. As for your bathroom cabinets, you may want to opt for and install high-quality cabinet mirrors on their doors.

Pick the Correct Material

The frames and components used for mirrors may also vary, which is why you must pick the correct materials when choosing high-quality bathroom mirrors. Metal frames, especially those that can resist corrosion, are advisable for bathroom mirrors since they can withstand wear and tear. Glass frames, alternatively, can be picked if you intend to go for a more beautiful and elegant bathroom appearance. But if you want a bathroom with a classier look, then a mirror with stone elements might be the best for you. Stone-packed mirrors may be expensive, but they usually last for a very long time.

Check the Reflective Coating

If you want a bathroom with high-quality mirrors, opt for mirrors with silver as their reflective coating. Other reflective coating options for mirrors in the market right now are tin-mercury amalgam and aluminium. Aside from having a silver reflective coating, a high-quality bathroom mirror should have a sealer and several coats of paint so that its reflective coating will not tarnish over time. Following these tips will easily allow you to obtain high-quality ones that can last for a long time. For your bathroom mirror needs, just give us a call at Quick Fit Glass.

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