Customised Pet Doors: Because Not All Pet Sizes are the Same

If you are like most people with a pet, then you treat them just like part of the family and want them to have the freedom to come and go without you having to be around. This is why pet doors are so popular because it allows dogs and cats to enter and leave the home when they want.

A pet door benefits both you and your pet, but before choosing one you should consider a few things first, such as the size of your pet, or pets. Having the “right” size pet door is a great convenience to you, as it prevents your pet dog from scratching on your door every time they want to enter or exit. And, you have the luxury of not having to get up early in the day to let your dog or cat out of the house.

Having a pet door is also good for the health of your little loved one, as they go out and in at will, it allows them to get more exercise. The only problem with having a pet door is choosing the right one that best meets the size of your pet.

Customised Pet Doors are the Perfect Solution because not All Pet Sizes are the Same

Although there are many types of pet door kits available, most of these require you to make alterations to your wall or wood doors, which can be costly alterations. The best type of pet door to install in your home is a custom pet door from Quick Fit Glass, that is because they can be made to accommodate all pet sizes, and they are easy to install on all types of glass doors and window.

The placement of custom pet doors can be adjusted perfectly to not only accommodate the height of your pet, but also their weight and age too. If you want to make sure that your pet door is installed in the ideal location, and that it accommodates the height, width, and age of your pet, then have Quick Fit Glass install a custom pet door in your house.

Electronic Upgrade for Pet Doors 

An electronic upgrade is a perfect addition to cat doors, as it alerts you when your cat enters and exits through the pet door. An electronic sensor is mounted to the underside of the pet door, and when your cat approaches wearing a sensor that easily attaches to their collar, you will know when they are coming in or going out.

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