Customised Clear Glass Tabletops for Residential Use: Indications of Excellent Quality

To select pieces to enhance your modern décor in the ideal manner, you should consider the merits of customised clear glass tabletops for your home. Nothing makes a modern statement quite the same way as clear glass does on coffee, dining, accent and/or dining tables. They are sleek and minimalist to adhere to the modern style while they reflect the light back into the room in a playful fashion. If you have never owned a table with a top of clear glass, though, you might be in a quandary about how to choose a high-quality one. For this reason, we provide you with the following indications of excellence for clear glass tops for tables.

The Right Thickness of Glass Is One Sign of Quality

One of the signs of a quality clear glass tabletop is its thickness. In order to be sturdy enough, it should be at least three-sixteenths of an inch to one-quarter inch in thickness if it is for small tables, patio tables, inserts and even glass protective covers for tables that support the glass with a frame. If the glass tabletop is not in a frame, it should be at least three-eighths of an inch in thickness.

Edges on the Glass Should Be Smooth

Any edges on the clear glass tabletop need to be polished smooth to the point where they will not cut the skin. When there are rough spots around the edges, this is a sign of poor quality. Look elsewhere for your custom tabletop of clear glass if you come across this situation. Also, clear glass tabletops should not contain flaws in the interior of the glass, such as bubbles.

You Should Be Able to Choose Between Different Types of Glass for Your Custom Tabletop

Another feature of a quality, customised clear glass tabletop is that you have a choice between toughened or float glass. While toughened glass is stronger than float glass is, it may not be necessary for your specific tabletop.

A Clear Glass Tabletop Needs to Fit Its Base Perfectly

Tabletops of clear glass should fit the table base without any gaps. Also, you should not need to force the glass into place if the table is framing it.

For additional indications of excellent quality in customised clear glass tabletops, consult with Quick Fit Glass. We specialise in these tabletops along with other glass elements for your home. Our company will provide you with a clear glass top for your desk, coffee table, buffet, end tables and other types of tables and furniture. You can select from float or toughened glass, and we also supply bevelled edges, holes, radius corners and other features upon request.

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