Common Types of Glass Used in Commercial Spaces

Corporate environments and glass go together like a horse and carriage. Glass is stunning. It offers durability, security, and light to the workers. Glass can be used in a commercial context in various ways, whether for aesthetics, practicality, or even inventiveness. Let us describe some of the most well-liked and distinctive glass options available for commercial spaces.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is one of the most widely used varieties of commercial glass. Glass that has been frosted has a frosted appearance, blurring anything you can see on the opposite side. Frosted glass serves a variety of functions, including enhancing the appearance and usefulness of commercial structures. Corporate logos exhibited throughout the structure look great against the frosted glass. Your building has several locations where your logo could go for excellent commercial photos and movies. Your brand always looks beautiful in front of frosted glass.

Frosted glass is also perfect for offices where employees function best when they have seclusion. You won’t have to worry about coworkers looking in on what you are doing outside your office because what you see is blurred on the other side.

Tinted Glass

Do you think that glass is uninteresting because it is transparent and colourless? With tinted glass, that is no longer an issue. Additionally, tinted glass has a few useful uses.

Primarily, tinted glass can aid with glare reduction. You can use tinted glass to protect your eyes from harsh light if the sun is in your eyes all day or if there are simply too many shiny objects in your office. Tinted glass can also be an aesthetic improvement for your workplace or structure. Tinted glass may be produced in almost any colour and offer depth to any place you wish to make appear spectacular to guests.


Plexiglass cannot shatter, making it a highly respected type of glass in the business sector. The commercial area can have walls, doors, and windows made of plexiglass. The glass will either stay intact or fall out in one piece in the event of a break-in or freak accident, as opposed to shattering into many fragments. Plexiglass is as transparent and clear as regular glass. Aquariums also use plexiglass, which is designed to stop or deflect gunshots.

Insulated Glass

If the location of the commercial space experiences extreme weather, you can definitely use insulated glass. Heat transfer is reduced by double-glazing glass, which has numerous panes with air or gas in between. This aids in controlling the interior’s temperature and acts as soundproofing to prevent outsiders from overhearing your talks. Insulated glasses outperform competing products in terms of strength, cost, robustness, and durability because of their numerous layers.

Even though there are innumerable glass varieties today, they can all be divided into the abovementioned categories. The glass’s observed vulnerability is being eliminated thanks to the quick development of technology.

You can choose the glass that combines and meets all your needs without breaking the bank, whether tinted glass or smart glass. Give Quick Fit Glass a call at (03) 8368 2220 for a free consultation so we can better understand how we can help you. You may also fill out our Enquiry Form.

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