Commercial Glass Buying Guide for Shopfront Doors and Windows

The overall fitout of a store or shop is crucial to its daily operations. Not only it can provide the needed look and feel of the business, but it can also provide the needed features and security of the establishment. Well-placed lighting can market the offerings of the store and, at the same time, keep the specific area free from any instances of stealing. Flooring that has an elegant appearance can also provide a walking area that is not prone to any slipping accidents.

Aside from the elements that are previously discussed, two more features that are vital for stores and shops are the shopfront doors and windows. These features would usually incorporate high-quality glass so that they can persuade customers and passers-by to look and enter the store without compromising safety and security. Even restaurants and other food-related establishments utilise shopfront doors and windows as these elements can effectively welcome customers. 

If you are thinking of installing new shopfront doors and windows, then here are some things that you need to consider.

Security of the Store

If there is one thing that you should truly consider in buying your shopfront doors and windows, then it would be their security capabilities. While the glass components of these doors are mostly transparent, their overall build must be durable enough to effectively deter intruders from barging in your commercial establishment. They must also prevent extreme weather conditions like a heavy wind from breaking the glass. To obtain great security, you may want to choose tempered glass for your doors and windows.

Privacy Control

Somehow related to security, your establishment should also prioritise and consider the safety of both the store personnel and the customers. There are several commercial facilities that do not need to be exposed entirely to passers-by. One way to gain privacy despite being a commercial facility is to obtain and install shopfront doors and windows that are covered with frosted glass. Frosted glass has a cloudy appearance that does not allow passers-by to see everything from the outside. 

Internal Damages

Some of the store’s items should be displayed near the windows so that passers-by could get a glimpse of your offerings. However, since these items are most likely exposed to the sun, then their materials and overall composition may deteriorate and fade easily. So, if you intend to display clothing, furniture, and other goods near your windows, then you might want to explore double-paned windows as they can effectively block off harmful elements from the sun. A tint film can also block out damaging elements.

Energy Efficiency

Another thing to consider when installing shopfront doors and windows is their energy efficiency. Most shopfront windows are expansive, which helps them bring in a huge amount of sunlight that can illuminate the interior of the store. While letting in natural light can be a great way of reducing lighting-related expenses, the heat that may come from the windows can increase both the indoor temperatures and the energy bills. So, to balance things out, you may want to use energy-efficient glass for your store.

These elements, alongside the appearance of the shopfront doors and windows, must be considered thoroughly so that they can entirely benefit the commercial establishment or facility. For more information about these shopfront doors and windows, just contact us at Quick Fit Glass.

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