Causes of Tempered Glass’ Spontaneous Breakage

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of glass that is treated to obtain notable properties. This type of glass is known to be stronger compared to regular glass as it can withstand impacts, blows, scratches, and extreme weather elements. It is also safer, allowing property occupants to feel more secured. The versatility of design and pattern options of tempered glass likewise allows it to be very appealing.

Given the benefits of tempered glass, it is often used in a wide variety of applications. Tempered glass can be used in producing passenger vehicle windows, architectural glass doors, tables, refrigerator trays, and shower doors. It can even be utilised in making bulletproof glass components, diving masks, aquariums, plates, cookware, retail store fixtures, office partitions, skylights, and glass facades.

While tempered glass boasts terrific properties, it is still prone to spontaneous breakage. There are a couple of reasons why tempered glass can suddenly break.

Edge of the Glass

The process of manufacturing tempered glass can be intricate, which is why it must be handled with care. And so, if the tempered glass has been cut further into smaller panels or has been installed improperly, then it may obtain some mirror edge problems. As time passes by, products made from this type of tempered glass can be exposed to different temperatures and elements, leading to its breakage due to expansion or contraction. Tempered glass should be processed, packaged, and installed appropriately to avoid causing some issues on its edge.

Frame Material

Another possible cause of tempered glass’ spontaneous breakage may be due to the frame component itself. The frame component that is attached to the tempered glass may expand or contract due to surrounding elements. As its movement continues, the attached glass can be affected, which would eventually lead to its breakage. Even with the presence of setting blocks or edge blocks, the expansion or contraction of the frame material can still directly affect the structure of the glass. Sufficient space between the materials must be maintained to prevent this from happening.

Internal Stress

Tempered glass can suddenly break due to thermal stress. The temperature differences between the centre of the glass and its edge can effectively cause tensile stress at the glass edge. Once the stress exceeds the overall strength of the glass edge, the tempered glass can spontaneously break. Internal stress due to the inclusions of nickel sulphide stones can also cause sudden breakage of the tempered glass. These stones normally come from stainless steel machines. When left unchecked, these stones can change the structure of the glass and cause it to break. 

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