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Large Glass Mirrors for Gyms and Dance Studios: Choose a Reliable Supplier and Installer

13 December 2018

Even though gyms and dance studios serve different purposes, they have one thing in common, namely large glass mirrors. These mirrors allow the workout or dance participants to see their positions and movements, so that they can ensure that they are performing the exercises or dances in the correct manner. […]

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Rental Property Repairs and Replacement of Broken and Cracked Glass Front and Shower Doors

06 December 2018

When you own or manage rental property, you need to tend to numerous details as far as structure maintenance to ensure that your apartments, houses or other rental properties are fit to use daily. One of the details that comes up often in rental property is the repair and replacement […]

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Should Glass Balustrades Be Tempered?

22 November 2018

Glass balustrades have been steadily increasing in popularity over the years thanks to their aesthetic benefits and practical uses. From modern homes to classical stylings, glass balustrades can be an impact addition to your home or business. While balustrades have been in use for a long time, there are still […]

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Customised Clear Glass Tabletops for Residential Use: Indications of Excellent Quality

13 November 2018

To select pieces to enhance your modern d├ęcor in the ideal manner, you should consider the merits of customised clear glass tabletops for your home. Nothing makes a modern statement quite the same way as clear glass does on coffee, dining, accent and/or dining tables. They are sleek and minimalist […]

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Quality Mirrors and All Types of Glass Supply for Cabinet Makers and Shopfitters in Melbourne

26 October 2018

Since ancient times, glass has always held some degree of fascination for artists, builders, and even furniture makers. Today, glass adds a touch of delicacy and refinement, it is an integral part of cabinet making that perfectly complements wood and metal. Mirrors are also of particular importance to cabinet makers, […]

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