Benefits of Same Day Glass Replacement and Installation for Home and Business Owners

If you have smashed or broken glass at your home or business, and you need to have it replaced and installed as soon as possible, you can contact Quick Fit Glass. We offer same day glass replacement services for residential and commercial properties.

Cracked and damaged glass is a potential hazard that needs to be repaired quickly, we offer affordable emergency glass repair and replacement services you can rely on to fix your problem quickly, 24/7.

Benefits of Same Day Home and Business Glass Replacement and Installation Service

Until repaired, broken windows and sliding doors are not only a potential hazard, but these also present a security risk to homes and businesses, especially if you have to wait until the next working business day to install new replacement glass. When you contact Quick Fit Glass, you can expect same day glass repair and replacement of any shattered or broken window or glass door.

Benefits of same day glass replacement, repair, and installation services:

– Available 24/7, including holidays
– Fast response time
– Efficient glass repair and replacement
– Experienced glass installers
– Lifetime guarantee on labour
– High-quality grades of glass available
– Professional customer service

At Quick Fit Glass, our expert glass installers can quickly repair, replace, and install any type of glass, such as:

– Commercial glass doors and windows
– Patio doors
– French doors
– Custom glass windows
– Oversized panes
– Glass tabletops
– Glass shelves
– Glass balustrades
– Pool fencing
– Including pet door installations

If you have a home or business, and you are in need of same -day emergency glass repair and replacement services, then don’t hesitate to call us here at Quick Fit Glass. As soon as you discover crack or broken glass, we will dispatch one of our expert glass installers to your property to come up with an immediate solution.

If we are unable to replace your glass on the spot because of special requirements, such as custom glass cutting or a specialised grade of glass is needed, we will make temporary repairs until your replacement glass is prepared, usually within 24 hours for custom specifications.

Quick Fit Glass is able to handle any type of glass repair and replacement job, large or small. You can find out more about our company’s range of home and business services, including our 24 hour emergency glass repair services for home or business owners, by contacting us here at (03) 8368 2220.

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