Acquiring the Best Type of Showerscreen for Your Home

While shower curtains can prevent the splashing of water from the shower area to the entire bathroom, there is one solid alternative that can do the same thing. Showerscreens, which are comprised of glass panels, are also known for preventing floods on the bathroom. However, these glass panels are intelligently designed to stop huge water leaks, which are evident when using shower curtains. The presence of handles on these showerscreens also makes the shower activity much safer for everyone.

To help you get the best showerscreen for your home bathrooms, here are some of its types and their corresponding features and drawbacks.

Framed Showerscreen

Fully framed showerscreens are comprised of full glass panels and a door. The glass used for these showerscreens is normally made from toughened safety glass to acquire extra security and durability.

Framed showerscreens can be beneficial for your home due to their accompanying features. For one, they are known to be versatile. Fully framed showerscreens can easily support a wide array of bathroom layouts, designs, and dimensions since their frame, glass panels, and access door can be customised. This type of showerscreen is also economical since the glass panels are already integrated into the frames. Framed showerscreens are also known to last longer and require minimal maintenance.

One of their drawbacks, though, is that they tend to be bulkier compared to other options. Their looks likewise do not grant a modern look on bathrooms, especially with steel-framed showerscreens.

Semi-Frameless Showerscreen

Semi-frameless showerscreens, alternatively, are equipped with both frameless and framed edges to the glass. They can possess a luxury and contemporary look through a frameless pivot door.

This type of showerscreens can be great for bathrooms that want to possess a modern, sleek, and clean look. They can look more modern and appealing to property owners and occupants due to the overall physical structure and appearance of their frames and glass panels. These showerscreens are also cost-effective since they do not require expensive repairs and regular maintenance. Their less framework structure likewise allows them to be much more affordable compared to their counterparts. 

The only downside of semi-frameless showerscreens is that they lack some tame around the glass, enabling these showerscreens to subtly allow a small amount of water to escape and leak.

Fully Frameless Showerscreen

Fully frameless showerscreens are intended for homeowners that want to obtain a minimalist and sleek-looking bathroom. These showerscreens have no frame for support, making them seamless to look at.

These showerscreens can be beneficial for those that truly want their bathrooms to be minimal. They do not have any frames to break up the glass, helping them create clean lines on the shower area. And since they do not rely heavily on frames, the chances of mould development are reduced significantly as there will be no place for the water to accumulate. Fully frameless showerscreens can likewise be flexible, allowing users like you to just open the doors to whatever direction you want.

The absence of frames, however, make these showerscreens much more expensive than the rest of showerscreen options. They can also allow water to escape or leak if ever the door is not closed properly.

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